GOEXPORT,  The best canned food of Ecuador; palm heart, tuna, sweet corn and many more.

GOEXPORT was created in 2005 with the purpose of trading and promoting the best canned and packed foods from Ecuador to the global markets. We are committed to give our clients the best products our country has to offer. For such a small country, our nation has developed into one of the top world suppliers in many areas of the food industry and we are eager for the world to see and get more of what Ecuador has to offer through our channels.

For several years now, we have been closely working with the best Ecuadorian companies specialized in vegetables, fruits and seafood. All of our partner companies have world-acknowledged certifications and permits required to send their products to the most demanding markets worldwide. As we always say: ¨We work with the best so we can offer the best¨.

“In time, we also began to offer products from all over Latin America”

Our target is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and consumer trust, and we hope to create new opportunities every day for our clients, whatever their request may be.

Product Certifications, Here are some of the most important certifications that the products that we offer to our customers have.